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KJ KENNELS Dog Boarding


Rates - 2018
About Us

2 miles south of Southwick Beach State Park

KJ KENNELS is a hands on boarding facility.  Dog guests are let out by hand 4-6 times daily, into one of six outdoor Exercise Pens.  They are not mixed with other guests, but they will be next to other guests.  If dogs come in together, and their owners specify, they will be let out together in the same run to play.  The X-pens are cleaned out daily, hosed regularly to control odors, and are treated as needed to control fleas.  We encourage our guests to do their business outside, sometimes adding an extra trip or two outside for very young, and for the very old dogs.  We like to use treats, toys and praise to coax our guests to come and go easily, and seldom need to use a leash.






Six of the larger kennels are big enough for two dogs [from the same family] to share.  They are 4' x 4', floor to ceiling. We have additional crates for busy boarding periods.  We provide food, water, bedding, treats, medications as needed, and a personal touch.  The kennel is heated in the winter, cool in the summer, with lots of fresh air.
Cats are welcome at the kennel, too.  We have two large crates, for cats only, with three additional cat crates that we can set up.  Cat guests now stay in the Grooming Shop area, away from the dogs.  Food, water, litter, and as much handling as your cat can tolerate [we love cats] are all provided.  As with the doggie guests, all shots must be current.



All Dog guests are required to have current vaccinations.  Annual boosters and rabies are required, while the Bordetella vaccine [kennel cough] is strongly suggested.  Owners are expected to maintain a regular flea prevention program for their dogs.
Owners are encouraged to bring whatever they feel will help make their pets stay comfortable.  Favorite toys, special treats, washable bedding and a familiar smelling item from home [T-shirts, slippers, etc.,...] all help your pet feel at home here.
For current pricing please visit our 2018 Price page.