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KJ KENNELS Dog Boarding

Rates - 2016

Rates - 2018
About Us

3658 State Route #3                                   [315] 846-5874
Woodville, NY 13650                                  [315] 486-6006


Prices effective January 1, 2016

Boarding, one pet, one night:
$17.00 / night
Boarding, two pets, one night:
$30.00 / night
Boarding, three pets, one night:
$45.00 / night
Boarding, day only:
- Check out after 9pm billed at full nightly rate;

$12.00 /   day

Boarding, Cat, one night:
- Price per cat;
$15.00 / night
Pet not house broken, per day:
$5.00 / day
Administer meds, vitamins, etc:
   per Owner instructions;
   All packages clearly identified;
$3.00 / each
Canned Food, Owner Supplied

$3.00 per Feeding

Late Drop-off / Late Pick-up
More than 30 minutes late for a SCHEDULED drop off ;
Next day Pick-up, without prior notice;
$25.00 additional
Boarding By the Month: Requires full month pre-payment;
- Payment due by the first of each month;
- Refund for less than 21 nights will be issued at $11 per night per dog;
- Refund for less than 21 nights will be issued at $20 per night per pair of dogs;
- No refund will be issued for any visit over 21 nights and less than 32 nights;


$360/1 Dog/1 Month; $650/2 Dogs/1 Month

Airport Pickup:

Syracuse or Watertown only:

~ Discount available when combined
with Boarding [one week minimum]

**Prepaid: Means your payment is due AT THE TIME YOU DROP-OFF;

If you plan to pay with a Debit or Credit Card, please provide us with 24 hour notice. An invoice will be emailed to you so you can make your paymet BEFORE you arrive;

$99 / single
$30 ea additional pet

KJ Kennels is a hands on boarding facility.  Dogs are let out 4-6 times daily, into one of six outdoor exercise areas.

They are not walked outside the kennel/x-pen areas.
  • Food, water, treats, bedding and a personal touch are all provided.
  • Safe, clean, heated [in winter] kennels, large enough to accommodate pairs of dogs.
  • Open for boarding seven days a week, year round;  Convenient drop-off and pick-up times.


    We are a small, family run kennel.

    We schedule first time guest Check-ins at 7:00am or 7:00pm.

    Late Check-ins will be charged an additional $25.00.

    If you are unable to keep your appointment, please give us a courtesy call to reschedule.

  • Medications administered per your instructions.
  • Limited cat boarding available.

Requirements for Boarding:
Current Rabies Vaccination;

Standard Annual Booster - DHLPP;
   {Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvivirus, Parainfluenza}

Bordetella [Kennel Cough] is strongly suggested;
Owners are expected to maintain a regular flea prevention program for their dogs;

Guests must be free of Fleas and Ticks.  Owner will be charged a $50 fee for any Guest left off with parasites;

Proof of Vaccinations must be provided at the time of Check-in, and may be scanned and emailed prior to Check-in;

            Any dogs that shows obvious signs of flea infestation, will be treated at the owner's expense.

Owners are encouraged to bring whatever they feel their pet will need to be comfortable during their stay.  Suggestions include:  favorite toys, special treats, disposable bedding and a familiar smelling item from home {T-shirts work great!}

We do allow large dog beds and fluffy toys, but if your pet should soil, shred or un-stuff these  items, the items will be removed from their kennels.  Soiled bedding will be bagged and returned to owner.  Shredded bedding and chewed up toys will be discarded.

Please contact the kennel with any changes that affect your drop-off and/or pick-up dates.  Your reservation will be held for 12 hours, after which it will be canceled.  Future reservations following a "No Show" will require full payment for the previous visit,  and pre-payment for the future reservation before the reservation is booked.